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Ilkin Yusif


Hire me, an independent filmmaker, creative director, and multimedia producer for advertising, social campaigns, and film projects. With an eye for detail and commitment to quality, I will guide you through the creative process and exceed your expectations. Thank you for considering me!
I am the seeing eye of GOD


2014 - Present


As a documentary filmmaker and producer my feature-length film "Looking for a Hero" won multiple awards. It received the "Humay" Award for Best Documentary at the Baku International Cultural Society and the "New EYE" Award for Best Documentary Feature at the DokuBaku IDFF. The film has also been recognized by the Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers (AUF) for its exceptional directorial work.

2018 - 2020

Multimedia producer

As FORS Media, we have created "FORS Magazine", an online journal covering culture, art, and gender. Our aim is to provide support for equality and inclusivity to ensure that our magazine reflects this objective. The magazine serves as a platform for individuals to share their ideas and thoughts on topics that are often overlooked.


1st AD

I worked as a 1st Assistant Director for a popular TV show called "Oxsharabad1" made by Ictimai TV. My job was to make sure everything ran smoothly and worked closely with the director, actors, and crew. It was a great experience, and I'm proud to have been part of such a cool project. I hope to work on more exciting things like this in the future.

2009 - 2011

3D Animator

In 2009, I began educating myself in 2D and 3D design. Shortly after completing school, I landed my first gigs as a 3D trainer and animator. In 2011, I joined the local film industry as a CGI artist for a state-funded fantasy musical called "His Heart". Encouraged by this success, I realized that if I could construct 3D worlds, I could also design entire film universes. This became my ultimate objective, and I resolved to devote my entire life to this pursuit.



As a passionate filmmaker and documentary enthusiast, I have had the tremendous opportunity and privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful and heartfelt scenes from the romantic comedy film "Yoxdur Belə Söhbət." Directed by the talented and visionary Ru Hasanov, this film is a true gem that showcases the wonders of love and human connection in an artistic and engaging manner. With my trusty camera in hand, I meticulously documented some of the most poignant and memorable moments from the movie, from the charming conversations between the main characters to the breathtaking scenes. Each shot I took was carefully framed and planned to perfectly capture the film's essence and emotion.


Visual artist

I had an incredible opportunity to showcase my personal photo exhibition which was aptly named "Minimalism Expo-Photo". The event was truly memorable as it was fully supported by the prestigious Institut Français in Azerbaijan. The exhibition brought together some of my finest works of art, depicting a unique perspective on minimalistic photography that was both soulful and awe-inspiring. Each piece was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility and leave a lasting, positive impression on all who attended.

2010 - Present

Creative director

I have started my career in social and advertising videos, as well as audiovisual productions. I kick-started "Bumerang Creativity Kitchen" - a place for all creative individuals to visit, share ideas, and work together. All of my audiovisual products, such as films, commercials, social videos, and campaigns, are made under my creative leadership.




I took courses to help me achieve my goals. I was lucky enough to participate in some amazing programs such as screenplay writing courses organized by the British Council in Azerbaijan, and short-term training programs in Prague where I gained valuable insights. With my new knowledge, I made social and advertising videos using different techniques and refining my methods. This helped me understand the world of film and video production better.

Creative direction

I am a creative director with a lot of experience. I can design things like posters and logos, and help create branding for businesses. I know how to work with animation, advertisements, and social media. I’m responsible for every part of the creative process, from the beginning to the end. I work closely with clients to make sure their ideas come to life. I’ll make sure the final product is visually impressive and professional. You can trust me to be your creative partner.


I am a writer who can write about different things in many ways. I can write stories that make people think and feel, from documentaries to movies. I am also good at writing short things like ads and social media posts that get people interested and clicking. I like to take on new challenges and be creative in my writing.


I love making ads films that catch people’s attention, especially on social media. I study popular ads to learn how to make my own successful ones. I can make both image and promotional ads for different companies. I’ve worked on commercials before, so I’m ready for new creative projects that will challenge and inspire me.


Creativity is important in developing ideas. I’m good at creative work and especially writing scripts. I enjoy writing for different types of videos like films, commercials, and online videos. My writing style is fresh and unique. I have worked on many different types of audiovisual projects throughout my career and gained a lot of experience.


I’m really good at thinking of creative solutions to problems at work. I’m especially good at finding practical solutions that other people might not think of. I taught myself a lot about my job and I like to share what I’ve learned with other people. I’ve helped teach people how to make movies and write scripts, and it makes me happy to see them succeed. Teaching people comes naturally to me and I’m confident that I can help anyone who wants to learn.

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