Ilkin Yusif

Ilkin Yusif

Where did I come from?

  • Year:2016
  • Client:Reproductive Health Center (RSM)

When addressing the topic of reproductive health, it is essential to understand that this matter affects different individuals in diverse ways. Therefore, it is crucial to tailor awareness campaigns that cater to the specific needs of each group. Our team comprehensively understood this fact and was determined to create an exceptional advertising campaign that was thoughtful, socially conscious and responsible. Our primary goal was not only to create awareness for the Reproductive Health Center but also to create a captivating and engaging experience for our target audience. We decided to innovate and incorporate humor and social relevance to achieve this goal and differentiate ourselves from other campaigns. We took inspiration from the timeless question that every one of us has asked at some point in our lives – where did I come from? Using a relatable approach, we sought to provide accurate reproductive health information to those in dire need of it. Our focus was to shift brand perception, adopt new marketing strategies, make viral ads on sosial media, generate brand growth and deploy an innovative and creative advertising video.